The Mission


HearSee is committed to improving mobility for the blind by utilizing cutting edge technology to expand movement and travel options, and to do so with a higher level of safety.


What It Is

HearSee is a micro RFID reader located in the tip of a walking cane for the blind that transmits information to a smartphone app then to an earbud. 


What is RFID?

An RFID is a Radio Frequency IDentification tag. RFIDs are small electronic devices that can be installed on almost any surface. HearSee utilizes two types of RFIDs: Passive and Active.

Passive RFID systems use tags with no internal power source and instead are powered by the electromagnetic energy transmitted from an RFID reader which activates the RFID tag when the tag receives a signal from the RFID reader.

Active RFID systems allow for the storage of more data and extended transmission range.

When placed in key locations they will contribute to improved information being sent to the HearSee RFID reader. Both active and passive RFID tags will be used to achieve the best possible quality of data transmission.


What It Does

HearSee picks up signals as the person holding the walking cane passes RFID devices placed along walkways, or inside buildings and tells the person using the device their current location, including what floor or street they are on, estimated time to their destination, and the distance until the next turn. The possibilities are endless. 


Long-lasting design

This product is designed to have great longevity and will utilize rechargeable batteries which have a significant useful life. The most environmentally friendly technologies available are being utilized.

The white cane has a very long useful life, with a changeable wear pad on the point of the cane. The electronics are designed using the most durable materials possible.


HearSee is working to enlist:

The support of the ADA

Support of Individual State agencies for people with disabilities

Support of Business Leaders

Legislative support for unified design and implementation of RFID Network

Community and grassroots support

While HearSee is designed to give mobility to the blind, it also offers pedestrian navigation to those who have sight but want enhanced navigation where GPS signals are absent or not completely reliable. The adaptation for the sighted places the RFID reader in the smartphone app.