About US

Our Mission

HearSee is committed to improving mobility for the blind by utilizing cutting edge technology to expand movement and travel options, and to do so with a higher level of safety.

What It Is

HearSee is a tool that sends a user’s location from the tip of their walking cane to an earbud through a smartphone app. With enough support, this technology would create a world where the blind and visually impaired can move with confidence and without fear.

What is RFID?

An RFID is a small electronic device that can be installed on almost any surface. RFID stands for “Radio Frequency IDentification.” HearSee uses two types of RFIDs: Passive and Active.

Passive RFID systems are like stickers that can be placed almost anywhere. They are activated by the electromagnetic energy transmitted from an RFID reader (the tip of a walking cane). Passive RFIDs don’t need any kind of power source.

Active RFID systems are the passive RFID “readers.” The active RFIDs store data and can reach a much further range. By placing Active RFIDs in key locations, they will help improve the information being sent to the HearSee RFID reader.

HearSee uses both active and passive RFID tags to create the best possible data map for our users.

What It Does

When a person using a HearSee walking cane passes one of the RFID tags on a sidewalk or in a building, the app will announce where the user is—whether it’s an address, a floor of a building, or what street they’re on. One feature even estimates time to their destination and the distance until the next turn. This technology can be a game-changer that so many visually impaired people could benefit from.

Long-Lasting Design

The HearSee product is designed to last. With rechargeable batteries and a long battery life, it will help users get around without needing to worry about finding an outlet. Since we care about our planet, we’re using the most environmentally friendly technologies available.

The sturdy white cane features a replaceable wear pad on the point of the cane. Also, the device and electronics are made with the most durable materials possible, ensuring a long, durable life.