Eli, 15, is the youngest of three boys (the second living with critically low vision.) He was born with congenital cataracts, congenital nystagmus, coloboma, and bilateral degenerative progressive high myopia, leading to severe vision loss. 

Eli has 20/150 vision in his left eye thanks to the help of a scleral lens (a hard contact lens that vaults over the cornea to rest on the sclera, the tough, white part of the eye, allowing oxygen to flow to the cornea.) He has some light perception in his right eye, allowing him to make out certain objects. 

He is in 9th grade and loves music. He joined a performance choir and a percussion band this year. He also loves to build LEGO structures, play Xbox, and all the dogs in his neighborhood. He plans to pursue animal science and attend a vet tech program in high school. 

Eli is always positive and fun to be around, saying, “Growing up with low vision is not very easy, but I have lots of help and I try to look for the positive.”

Eli - Member of the Blind Community