Our walking canes go hand-in-hand with our indoor navigation software.

Hearsee canes are designed to receive signals from RFID tags embedded along walkways and communicate that signal to the blind. They give point-by-point instructions on where the user is, how to get to their final destination and describe points of interest along the way.

Hearsee walking canes have been developed with members of the blind community to be as comfortable and user-friendly as possible. The canes not only transmit information inside buildings mapped with the Hearsee navigation system, but they also serve as dependable walking aids to the blind under any conditions.

Our walking canes have been successfully developed and approved by members of the blind community and are now ready for mass manufacturing. Supporting the mass manufacturing of our canes will allow us to offer them to the public at the lowest possible price.

Annual Month of Giving

When we think of where the best place to put the product, the answer is everywhere. Imagine going to the Natural History Museum and not having the ability to spend the time you want to learn about something because you are on their schedule.  Let’s help make this a standard in the WORLD!