At the heart of Hearsee Mobility’s mission is our indoor navigation software.

Traditionally, blind and low-vision individuals juggle a walking cane or guide dog in one hand and a GPS device in the other. This allows them to hear and follow walking instructions from one place to another. Unfortunately, directions end once they arrive at their destination building.

Once inside a new building, the blind rely on the help of sighted persons, scant braille labels, or trial and error to get around. This process can be dangerous and frustrating. 30% of the low-vision community reports feeling so overwhelmed by the hassle that they avoid leaving their homes altogether.

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to fully experience their communities, so we developed an indoor navigation system with the blind community to help them feel comfortable and confident getting to and around new places.

Our technology charts indoor paths and embeds walkways with RFID tags. The RFID tags are read by a Hearsee walking cane and translated into clear walking instructions to the user, describing each tagged spot along the path as they approach.

This system not only helps the blind find a bathroom, hotel room, checkout counter, library section, departure gate, or dressing room, but it can also describe points of interest along the way. Now the blind can find the right doctor’s office and appreciate the beautiful statue in the lobby independently and safely.

Supporting our software development allows us to continue product testing and adding new features for building managers and users. We are constantly seeking to improve our mapping procedure and user app to encourage more business owners to implement our system and increase accessibility for all.

Annual Month of Giving

When we think of where the best place to put the product, the answer is everywhere. Imagine going to the Natural History Museum and not having the ability to spend the time you want to learn about something because you are on their schedule.  Let’s help make this a standard in the WORLD!